Hair Systems for Men

We are one of the most well-established hair loss centers in NYC!

This is not your grandfather’s toupee! Andrew DiSimone offers custom hair systems made using ONLY the highest-quality hair. Each system is designed with graft technology. Each hair is sewn one strand at-a-time onto an ultra-thin, yet durable base for a look that flows naturally and is comfortable. Customized by some of the best hair stylists in New York, your hair system will replicate your natural hairline and look and feel as if it was your own.

We properly service each hair piece to achieve a natural look and maintain its longevity.  That includes special washing and conditioning, coloring, oil replenishing, reattachment and styling. We will teach you how to care for your hair piece at home.

  • Made using ONLY high-quality hair
  • Max comfort, durability & appearance
  • Custom hair systems available
  • Serviced by NYC’s top hair stylists
  • Worn by over 1,000 men